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Why Chinese Plant Weaving Crafts Are So Popular Abroad?


The wicker, rattan, willow and straw weaving handcraft is one of Chinese traditional manual craft; with the skillful craft, the ordinary raw material turn to crafts which are both practical and beautiful. As people advocate the natural life again, the straw, willow, bamboo and wicker products refresh in domestic market, but they’re more welcome in the markets abroad as well as having large potential.

The plant weaving products going out of country can not only bring income to the farmer, but also expand the market of weaving market. Wicker is a good material to weave, it’s low carbon and environmental friendly. For China, this product has much potential since now, nearly every Western family has one or two wicker product in the house since they think it’s unique and there isn’t such product in their countries. And this product is made by hand so the young people like it very much, and more and more people join the club of natural material products.

There are two reasons why Chinese plant weaving crafts are so popular abroad, the first one is the plant raw materials like wicker and willow are grown in field which are not pollutional and environmental friendly material, the crafts made from them are no harmful for human body; secondly, the weaving products are made by hand, compare with the expensive labor force abroad, the cost in China is much lower. The skillful handwork and relatively low price make Chinese weaving product appear in normal families abroad.

Nowadays, at the mean time of wicker products, willow products and bamboo products are sold to markets abroad, the wicker manufacturers work hard to adjust the industry structure and launch new products in order to adapt to different customers requirements, which has wide market development potential. Some products may be eliminated by customers, and some may be updates; in either way, the materials are the same, so for weaving products, there is much capacity to improve.

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