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Frequently Asked Questions


: 1.How long have you been in business?
A: We have been in business since 1988 with the production of basket crafts at first, in 1998 we start to work on picnic series products and in 1999 we engaged in inorganic pigment production.

: 2.Do you attend any trade shows?
A:We have been in attending the Chinese Import and Export Commodities Fair (Canton Fair) from year of 1990, until now we attend the the April Canton Fair and October Canton Fair twice a year. We also exhibite on Hongkong Home Products shows which is in Every October. We will update our trade show schedule in our trade shows column.


:1.What type of picnic products do you sell?
A:We have been producing picnic products since 1998, the picnic products we produced include willow picnic baskets, picnic backpacks, picnic cooler bags, coffee bag,BBQ set, wine carrier, picnic blankets, garden kit baskets, picnic cutting boards, etc.

:2.Are Hunan Creative Picnic products food safe contact?
A:For food contact applications, Our willow picnic baskets will expereince a 24 hours to 48 hours fumigation treatment before shipment, and our picnic stuffs have passed CE and SGS laboratory tests so to conforms to food safe conbtact standard.

:3.Can I have my custom design for picnic products?
A: Your custom design are our favorite projects! We could make custom design according to customer’s specific requirement, you are welcome to send us your charts, or required colors, sizes, shapes and components. We can help! Just feel free to tell us your requirements, our technical team will fullfil your requirements!


:1.What type of basket crafts do you sell?
A:We have been producing basket crafts since 1988, the basket crafts we produced are made of willow, bamboo and paper rope materials. The products mainly include floral and gift baskets, willow trays, laundry hampers, laundry baskets, storage baskets, pet baskets, wicker furniture, room divider and garden products, etc.

:2.How are Hunan Creative Basket Crafts produced?
A:All of our basket crafts are be produced by hand-made weaving craftsmanship, and our quality controll are expereinced in a good quality controll. Our capable technical team have been keeping on designing new styles baskets to meet the requirement of our customers.

:3.Can I have my custom design for basket crafts products?
A:Your custom design are our favorite projects! We could make custom design according to customer’s specific requirement, you are welcome to send us your charts, or required colors, sizes, shapes. We can help! Just feel free to tell us your requirements, our technical team will fullfil your requirements!


:1.What type of pigments do you sell ?
A: We have been producing inorganic pigments since 1999, Our pigment series mainly include iron oxide pigments, CICP Pigments, Cadmium Pigments, Cd-Se Inclusion Pigments as well as Ceramic Glaze stains pigments.

Q:2. What is an inorganic pigment?

A:Typically, inorganic pigments are crystals of metal oxides. This structure is extremely stable, and sets it apart from organic pigments, which are generally composed of carbon, oxygen, and nitrogen. Hunan Creative Color produces mixed metal oxides that include more than one type of metal atom along with the oxygen to make the pigment.

Q:3.What is a CICP?

A:CICP stands for Complex Inorganic Colored Pigment. This term is often used interchangeably with MMO, but CICP designates that the pigment is colored.

Q:4. How are Hunan Creative Color pigments produced?

A: While details of our production are closely held secrets, some general statements can be made. Our pigments are produced by the high temperature calcination of high grade metal oxides in a kiln according to strict time and temperature profiles. The resulting mixed metal oxide is milled using a variety of high-energy techniques in order to reduce the particle size. The products receive a final QA check and are stored for shipping.

Q:5. How temperature stable are Hunan Creative Color pigments?

A:Hunan Creative Color pigments are some of the most heat resistant colorants known and find use in glass enamels, high heat coatings, and engineering plastics. They are stable in most systems up to their calcination temperature (>1400F/800C). Please review our technical data sheets for each pigment's heat stability or contact a Customer Service Representative to discuss your specific application.

Q: 6. Do Hunan Creative Color pigments contain heavy metals?

A:The definition of 'heavy metal' varies from company to company, organization to organization, and regulation to regulation. Hunan Creative CICPs, due to their high calcination temperatures and inorganic crystalline structure, have extremely low bio-availability. In fact, for most products, the LD50 (a measure of non-toxicity) is higher than table salt! Any impurities are present in trace amounts only, less than the levels mandated by most food-contact regulations worldwide.

Q: 7. Can I use Hunan Creative Color in fiber filled materials?

A:Hunan Creative Color pigments can be used in fiber filled materials, but care must be taken. The abrasive nature of mixed metal oxides can often break fibers during processing. Mixing of the pigments and fibers should be kept to a minimum.

Q: 8. How can I reduce heat build-up by using Hunan Creative Color pigments?

A:Most Hunan Creative Color pigments reflect the portion of sun's energy called the near infrared (700-2500nm). These wavelengths are not visible to the human eye, yet they constitute 45% of the sun's radiation that reaches the earth's surface. Since our pigments reflect this energy, while others absorb, two objects of the same color can have different heat build-ups. Vinyl siding was one of the first applications where the reflective property of these type pigments was promoted, since the PVC can deform at elevated temperatures. A recent application of this property is in roof coatings that help reduce energy consumption. We call this money-saving environmentally-friendly technology Arctic Infrared Pigments.

Q: 9. What are some of the uses for Hunan Creative Color pigments?

A: Hunan Creative Color pigments typically find use in demanding applications where temperature, chemical, and weathering resistance are critical. Customers depend on Hunan Creative Color pigments in such diverse applications as coil coatings (weatherability and color consistency), engineering plastics (temperature stability and dispersability), and glass enamels ceramics (temperature stability).

Q: 10. How weatherable are Hunan Creative Color pigments?

A: Hunan Creative Color pigments are among the most durable materials known to man. They are extremely resistant to chemicals, solar radiation, and heat. For this reason, they are used in products that are warranted to maintain their color outdoors for 20+ years. Specific weathering data is available upon request.


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