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Our Inclusion Pigments create shining red,brilliant orange and intense yellow color shades in ceramic bodies and glazes, they are ex
cellent in chemical and thermal stability, this ensures both a high level of production safety and excellent end-product quality to the end users. The colors of yellow,orange and red inclusion pigments are achieved using well - known , color intensive cadmium - sulfoselenide compounds.  One of the advantages of our inclusion pigments is that only a very small amount of cadmium is contained, As little as 0.1 weight -% cadmium is sufficient to create strong colors. This is about 1/20 of the amount required to produce the same color in conventional cadmium glazes.

                                                              Inclusion Pigment

The Appliations of Includion Pigments are mainly for ceramic body stains. It is heat resistant and with high tinting strength. Our Inclusion Pigments are very stable in the glaze which contains lead, calcium or boron. But due to the color apparent in inclusion pigments is protected by zircon crystal,if grinded this color too long time, the zircon crystal will be destroyed, this lead to weaken the hue, so we suggest customers while in use, to put into the inclusion pigments after 95% in total grinding glaze time.


 Package: The pigments are in a powder form, should be stored in Dry & non-corrosiveness gas environment. 
During transportation should handle it with care,avoids damaging the package.
The standard pack is
Per 25kgs net pack in one iron drum and inner lined with secure plastic bag,
We could pack according to customer's special requests.

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