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Cadmium pigments
are a class of inorganic pigments that have cadmium-sulfide as one of the major chemical components. Its color shades are varied from light yellow, orange red, red till dark red.Cadmium Pigments are extremely lightfast, brilliant, opaque, and have a high tinting strength. They are alkali fast and are suited to a variety of applications like resins, plastics, ceramics or paints and coatings.

We manufacture a complete range of cadmium pigments from a greenish yellow through orange and red to deep maroon. As well as offering a range of standard pigments on its shade card,We offer a matching service against pigments which customers may already be using.

Our cadmium pigments are manufactured using very high purity raw materials and all batches undergo special treatment during processing which enables them to comply with special requirements.

These products also comply with the requirements of the US "TCLP" and are not, therefore, classed as being hazardous for disposal in the USA.

The European Commission has completed the first comprehensive risk assessment of cadmium pigments and has concluded that they produce no significant risk either to man or to the environment

                                                                                   Cadmium Red

                                                                                 Cadmium Yellow

                                                             Cadmium Orange

According to their application fields, Our cadmium pigments are devided into 4 series :
KYA Series ---- Cadmium Pigments for Applications of Plastics and Coatings
KYB Series ---- Cadmium Pigments for Applications of Glass
KYT Series  ---- Cadmium Pigments for Applications of Enamelware
KYY Series  ---- Cadmium Pigments for Applications of Ceramics Glaze Stains

                                                             The Applications of Cadmium Pigments
Plastics (general)
Cadmium pigments have inherent high temperature resistance because of their method of manufacture and may therefore be used routinely in polymers which are processed at or above 300ºC e.g. polycarbonate, nylons and PTFE. Further, because of this high temperature resistance, all moulding sprues and off-cuts can be recycled whereas an organic may already be starting to undergo decomposition during moulding and be unable to withstand further heating.

Paint and coatings

Ceramics , Glaze and Glass

The colouration of decorative ceramic products such as on-glaze colours, porcelain enamels for steel and glass colours for both flat glass, tumblers and bottles often depends on the use of cadmium pigments. They are the only pigments available for bright yellows, oranges and reds (which continue to be such popular colours) which are capable of withstanding the firing processes during manufacture and application.

The pigments are in a powder form, should be stored in Dry & non-corrosiveness gas environment.
During transportation should handle it with care, avoids damaging the package.

The standard pack is
Per 25kgs net pack in one iron drum and inner lined with secure plastic bag,
we could pack according to customer's special requests.


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