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Complex inorganic color pigment (CICP) is crystallized color compound in solid solution produced by the calcination of two or more kinds of metal oxides including, Co, Cr, Fe or such transition metal element(s) at a very high temperature. It is also called calcined pigment or mixed metal oxides (MMO). CICP has a stable crystalline structure of rutile or spinel which provides outstanding properties, particularly heat resistance, weatherability and chemical resistance. CICP is widely used as colorants for ceramics, plastics and paints.

Features: Our CICP products are non-toxic and may clear the world green standards. Therefore, for example, our titanium buff and yellow are used as replacement of lead chromate or cadmium yellow. Color, particle size and other properties of our CICP are strictly controlled to always supply consistent quality products. Our CICP is marketed worldwide including Asian countries, U. S. A. And Europe.

Our factory is a leading manufacturer of the wide range of CICP: Pigment Brown 24, Yellow 53, Green 50, Blue 28, Black 28, etc.

CICP Advantage: Color consistency, Heat resistance, Weatherability, Chemical resistance, Non toxic.

                                              Chrome Antimony Titanium Buff Rutile
C.I.Pigment Brown 24

                                                              Cobalt Aluminate Blue Spinel
I.Pigment Blue 28

                                                              Copper Chromite Black Spinel 
C.I.Pigment Black 28

                                                              Cobalt Titanate Green Spinel 
C.I.Pigment Green 50

                                                     Nickel Antimony Titanium Yellow Rutile
C.I.Pigment Yellow 53

Applications of Iron Oxide Pigment:

CICP Pigment is used extensively.It is used mainly in:

Colours for Cement Products and Building Materials:

The surface of all kinds of building structure,including wall,ground,ceiling,pillar,ladder,road surface,park,station,etc.
All kinds of building materials,such as brick,face brick,panel,canal,mosaic brick,man-made marble,asbestos,

Colours for Paint and Coatings:

Colours for Rubber Poducts:
The inner tube of atyre (such as:automobile,plane,bicycle),gloves,hot-water bottle,insulation material,sluice,medical instrument,stationery,waterproof cloth and so on.

Colours for Plastic Products:

Colours for Ceramic, Glaze and Glass Poducts:

Package: We provide various types of packings,such as cardboard drums,steel drums(25kgs per drum) as well as pallet packing. We could pack according to customer’s special requirement.


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